Tanzanite Engagement Rings

Getting engaged is a very important milestone in your relationship and choosing the right ring is essential, You will want something that looks stunning, with this in mind, you can’t go wrong with tanzanite engagement rings. This gemstone is well known for it’s intense colour and amazing depth and due to its rarity (even rarer than diamonds) it is increasing in value every year with no sign of stopping.

Tanzanite engagement rings can need special care due to the stone’s moderate hardness rating so taking it off before any intensive activity is essential. It is also a good idea to pair the tanzanite gemstone up with the perfect metal. Platinum is a hardy choice, in beautifully complementary bright white. Another white metal that looks perfect with this stone is palladium, usually found much cheaper than platinum due to its lightness but still just as attractive. White gold on the other hand can be problematic, in order for this ring material to keep its lovely shiny quality it needs to be rhodium plated, a process that isn’t easy with a tanzanite stone, but still possible, just look out for tanzanite engagement ring specialists that can perform the process for you.

tanzanite engagement Rings

The colour of the gem is something that immediately catches the eye with its vivid blue-purple flashes but when you look closely you will notice a hidden depth and its colour changing abilities.

Tanzanites have a rare characteristic that is known as trichroism, this means that when it is viewed under different light conditions it can show many different colours. Anything from violet to dark red and deep bourbon. All reasons that say, if you need an engagement ring, you should make it a tanzanite engagement ring.

This gemstone has been added to the birthstone list as the birthstone for the month of December and is full of hidden meaning. Tanzanite is believed to bless the wearer with the gifts of eternal truth, honesty and knowledge of higher spiritual love and light. For this reason alone, tanzanite engagement rings are the choice of the true romantic, offering your loved one truth, honesty and spritual love.

beautiful tanzanite engagement rings

Tanzanite was only found very recently as far as gemstones go, it was discovered in 1969 in the hills at the base of Mount Kilimanjaron and to this day that remains the only source for this glamourous and breathtaking stone.

With a lightweight status similar to a diamond and a refractive index comparable to a sapphire, this makes it ideal to be worn all day everyday and will catch the eyes of friends and family. In fact, with all the points made in its favour, there’s no reason not to pop the question with a beautiful, sparkly, tanzanite engagement ring that is full of breathtaking, eye catching lustre.

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Tanzanite Engagement Rings

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