Tanzanite Rings

Why Tanzanite Rings?

Whether you want it for wearing day to day or for that special occasion; owning a tanzanite ring will guarantee that the admiring glances will all be aimed at you. The deep violet-blue of this uniquely beautiful stone will always catch the attention of those that know their jewellery and those that just know what they like. Tanzanite rings not only look unique but they are classy and just simply gorgeous.

Originally found in 1967 in the hills of Northern Tanzania, which remains the soul source of tanzanite to this day. As there are no other sources and supply is estimated to run out in the next decade or two, the value for this glorious gemstone is currently sky rocketing and showing no sign of stopping. Not only are these rings a beautiful show stopper, but they’re an excellent investment too.

Tanzanite rings can be crafted in any metal and they still look stunning, from the white metals of platinum, titanium, palladium, white gold and silver to the more

tanzanite rings

Beautiful tanzanite ring

sunny hues of yellow gold right through to beautiful rose gold. The piercing colouring of tanzanite looks amazing coupled with anything. This is what makes this gemstone perfect.


The History of Tanzanite

The stone was originally called blue zoisite. This name was thought to be too hard to market due to it sounding very similar to blue suicide, so Tiffany & Co. named it after the country it was discovered. Soon everybody wanted tanzanites and popularity has been rapidly increasing ever since. Now tanzanites can be found being sold by every top jeweller in the world but as supplies dwindle, the prices soar. Now is the time to buy your tanzanite rings. If you want them for their beauty and glamour or simply as a safe but highly profitable investment, get in now before the cost becomes too much.

Tanzanite rings also make the perfect present for that special somebody in your life, show them that you love them by buying them the most beautiful stone on the market and watch their face light up with pure happiness. Stunning tanzanite has that effect on everybody.

Tanzanite Colouring

tanzanite rings

Stunning tanzanite ring

Tanzanite has a characteristic known as pleochroic. This essentially means that is shows different colours depending on the viewing angle and light. This shows up beautifully on tanzanite rings as you walk through a room, the refracted light causes the stone to flash deep purples and violets as well as beautiful blues and sometimes even a shimmer of burgundy. To display this characteristic perfectly, gem cutters must take care to orient the gemstone perfectly. When this is done to perfection, the vivid blue of tanzanite can rival the finest sapphires.

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