Tanzanite Jewelry

History of Jewelry

Jewelry has existed for as long as humans have walked the earth. For our whole existence we have longed to decorate not only our surroundings but ourselves too. The oldest jewellery artifacts found are thought to be over 100,000 years old. There are many kinds of jewelry, from the modern metal jewellery to the bone jewelry of the past. It has always been a part of our culture. It is only now in the modern world though that we have finally been able to experience tanzanite jewelry. Just a gaze at its finery is proof that it truly is the pinacle of all human attempts to decorate ourselves.

tanzanite jewelry

Beautiful tanzanite rings

What’s in a Word?

The actually word derives from the anglicized version of the Old French word ‘jouel’ which in turn finds its origins in the Latin word ‘jocale’ which literally means plaything. Well modern day jewellery and especially tanzanite jewelry is the most beautiful playthings that you can buy and if you have the money to afford them and the desire to have everyone in the room suddenly become jealous at the sight of it. Then you should definitely buy yourself some tanzanite jewelry right now.

Although the dazzling perfection of tanzanite jewelry cannot be argued. One thing that is in contention the the correct spelling of jewelry. I’m sure you’ve noticed that I have flip flopped throughout this article, using two completely different spellings and that is because in different parts of the English speaking world, it is spelt differently.

In Britain, the inventors of the English language it is spelled ‘jewellery’ New Zealand, Australian, south African and Hiberno-English also spell it this way. Meanwhile in America, their version of English spells it ‘jewelry’. Strangely in Canadian English both spellings are used but the American spelling outnumbers the other one by about two to one. Which version is correct? Well that’s up to you to decide but the spell check of your chosen word processor might scream at you if you dare to disagree with it.

tanzanite jewelry

Loose tanzanite gems

So, Jewelry is Good, But Why Tanzanite Jewelry?

Well, mostly because tanzanites are stunning looking gems, they’re an unusual and exclusive looking purple-blue colour that draws the eye every time. It is an exquisite and truly beautiful gem with plenty of class and sophistication. Once you’ve bought your first piece of tanzanite jewelry you will never look back. It won’t be long before you have a huge collection.


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