Tanzanite Bracelet


The word bracelet is taken from the Greek ‘brachile’ which means ‘of the arm’ and comes via the Old French ‘bracel’. The bracelet is a beautiful form of jewelry and the tanzanite bracelet is the most beautiful of all. A bracelet can be made of many different materials such as: wood, metal, cloth, leather, plastic, and sometimes other more unusual materials. The can also contain adornments for decorations such as: crystals, shells, wood, rocks, plastics, moulded metals, pearls, jewels, and many more other materials. Pretty much anything that is durable and pretty to look at can be used to adorn a bracelet.


tanzanite bracelet

Tanzanite bracelet with diamonds

Tanzanite Bracelet

When looking for tanzanite bracelets there are a few things you should look for. You usually want the main material to be a precious metal of some kind. The most used metals are: silver, yellow gold, white gold, and platinum. Once you’ve decided on your metals, you also want to decide on what type of tanzanite bracelet you’re looking for. You could go for a classy tennis bracelet for day to day wear, a bangle if you’re not looking to be quite as sophisticated, charm bracelets are always beautiful while the traditional link bracelets will never fall out of fashion.


Why a Tanzanite Bracelet?

Well the answer to this question is glaringly obvious to anybody that has ever seen a tanzanite bracelet in the flesh. Just one look at the exquisite tanzanite gemstones all lined up around your wrist will draw anyone in and reassure them of your obvious sophistication.

With its vivid purples and piercing blue hues it screams of an exclusivity that can’t be ignored. Yes diamonds are pretty and rubies can be eye catching. emeralds might make you think of long lost days and sapphires of regality. But nothing compares to the dazzling sparkle and extreme colour of a perfect tanzanite bracelet on your wrist.


So What’s So Special About Tanzanites?

Good question, so good I asked it myself and now I’m answering it myself. I’m amazing like that. Anyway, back to the question. Well besides the beautiful colour that you can see immediately. There’s also the colours that refract in the light. There’s blues, purples, violets and even a burgundy. Then there’s the fact that it is only available from one place on Earth, and that mine is running out. What this means is that it is becoming very rare. It is much rarer than diamond and a million times prettier.

tanzanite bracelet

White gold tanzanite bracelet with diamonds

So in a few years when supply has run dry, expect the prices to soar. They’ve already started to rise dramatically with no sign of stopping. You really want to get your tanzanites now before it becomes prohibitively expensive. Not only is it a beautiful piece of jewelry but it is a sound investment too. It could even become a business investment. Buy up all the tanzanite jewelry now and hold on to it for a few years. Nothing but profit.

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