Tanzanite, the Facts

What Exactly is Tanzanite?

Ok Let’s start with the very basics, so you have seen tanzanite about the place and it has caught your eye. Of course it has, it’s one of the most beautiful stones discovered. I absolutely love it which is why I made this site. Anyway, let’s not get distracted. Tanzanite is a purple-blue gemstone and is considered very rare. It is the crystalline form of zoisite, a rare mineral.

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Loose tanzanite gems

The gemstone is so rare that there is only one place on Earth that it has ever been found. In Tanzania, deep under the hills near the base of Mt. Kilimanjaro. It is the Vanadium deposits in the hills that the crystals form around and

eventually become tanzanite. Vanadium is a greyish-silvery metal that is very ductile and malleable. This metal in itself is also quite rare. Once  mined, the stone is taken to be heat treated to bring out the stunning colours and hues that make it so eye catching. This treatment is permanent and is considered an acceptable treatment for this reason.

Is Tanzanite Really all that Popular?

Tanzanite is indeed very popular, you’re here looking for it aren’t you? Well, you’re not the only one. Every year there are millions of tanzanite products sold. It has even been added to the list as one of the all time top selling coloured gemstones. There aren’t many coloured gemstones that could even dream of the kind of sales that it receives. It is the rockstar of the jewellery world.

Around 80% of all tanzanite ever mined is bought up by the United States. America has traditionally been the biggest market ever since it was discovered in 1967. For the first five years of its commercial existance, the American jewellery store Tiffany’s had the exclusive rights to it. They even named it. It was re-named after the country of its origin. Recently however, much of the larger stones are being bought up by far Eastern nations who are realising for themselves that the beauty of a tanzanite cannot be beat.

Tanzanite has become so popular in recent years that in 2002 it was added to the birthstone list as the birthstone of December. It is the first gemstone added to the list since 1912 when the list was first devised. It is expected that no other gemstone will be added to the list in the near future and the exception was made only for tanzanite because of its immense popularity.tanzanite engagement Rings

One of the main reasons for the popularity of tanzanite and one of the reasons why its insane sales are not thought to be even close to slowing down is because of its price point. When you consider that some tanzanites can be very similar in colour to sapphires but the price is only around a quarter of the similar stone. Why buy a sapphire when you can get a tanzanite for a quarter of the price. That being said, tanzanite prices are on the rise. With rarity now becoming a factor, prices have begun to rise steadily. It is thought that there is only 15-20 years left to mine this beautiful gemstone before it is all gone and that is when the price will jump. Soon, your exquisite jewellery with be worth an absolute fortune and many investors are buying it all up as fast as they can in anticipation for the price hike. It seems that now is the best time there ever will be to buy.

Uses for Tanzanite

This precious gem can be used for any kind of jewelry, it is hardy enough to be worn everyday in a tennis bracelet, it can dazzle your companions at a dinner party as part of some sexy, dropper earrings. if you wanted to bring attention to your breasts in a low cut, slinky dress then there’s no better than a classy necklace. You could wear it on your finger as a gorgeous ring. But the best way to wear a tanzanite has always been the same. Wear it on your finger as a show of your promise to marry that person of your dreams. The person you want to spend the rest of your life with. That’s right, the perfect way to display your tanzanite is as an engagement ring.